An exploration of the creative process through art, poetry, and community.

2018 Summer Classes

May 18-27, 2018 | Suzanne Stryk & Larry Sorkin | mixed-media painting
| Airy Knoll Farm
June 15-24, 2018 | Elizabeth Spotswood-Alexander & Thomas Heffernan | wood and mixed-media
| Airy Knoll Farm
Artist are visual honey-bees who gather nectar from fields and flowers to create something new. A unique honey results when art-making combines biology, poetry, science, music, or any diverse subject to influence and inspire the other. — Susan Stryke and Larry Sorkin

May 18-27, 2018

Suzanne Stryk was born in Chicago and currently resides in Southwest Virginia.  She has had solo exhibitions in locations throughout the country.  She received a Bachelor of Arts (art history) from  Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL. and a Master of Arts in Painting, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN.  Her drawings capture the essence of the small and numerous properties of nature enhanced by the surrounding environment. (

Larry Sorkin is a Renaissance man and published poet, and is a supporter of the arts of writing, painting, music and dance. (

June 15-24, 2018

Elizabeth Spotswood Alexander-Spencer has a Bachelors of Fine Art from Murray State University, Murray KY, and a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Dartmouth Mass. She also attended the Savannah College of Art. Spencer’s work deals with concepts revolving around the human condition, emotional space, and the balance between what is absolute and what is wished for. She collages wood, paint, paper and a variety of other materials to create layered and visceral narratives. (

Thomas Heffernan is a retired professor of English at UNC Pembroke and is an author of many publications of poetry. (

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