2021 AKAP Art Show
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2021 AKAP Faculty

Airy Knoll thanks the many teachers who were part of the Airy Knoll classes during the year 2021. 

We are grateful to our experienced and generous faculty at the farm: Suzanne Stryk, Tom Heffernan, Larry Sorkin, and Elizabeth Ross, with the assistance of Paige Reitterer in printmaking.  

For the Zoom classes, we must thank the many Visiting Artists who shared with us their vision of making art.  We were given a rich smorgasbord of approaches and techniques. 

Find the faculty’s personal websites below.

Faculty Websites

Alix Hitchcock http://alixhitchcock.com/

Suzanne Stryk https://suzannestryk.com/

Erik Watercotte https://www.erikwaterkotte.com/

Alexandra Giannell https://www.alexandragiannell.com/artwork

Carolyn Jacobs https://carolynjacobsartdotnet.wordpress.com/

Tom Thoune https://www.tomthoune.com/

Jill Ziccardi https://jillziccardi.com/

Marek Ranis http://ranismarek.squarespace.com/

Felicia van Bork http://www.feliciavanbork.com/