Eva Rizzardi, Artist


A native of Italy, Eva completed her studies in Southern Switzerland. Her style in painting has been greatly influenced by her travels and experiences which has been recognized in numerous competitions for years. She has lived in Charlotte, NC since 1982. She has also achieved an Associate Degree in Fine Arts, which has broadened her horizons. Printmaking is an especially keen skill that combines and blends several techniques and for her it’s a rewarding experience, and she loves the challenge.

“My work is defined in my monotypes by a strong ability of color combinations from vibrant to mellow tones as well as my captivating designs. More recently I have been developing my skill in the stark contrast of black and whites. I create only handmade limited edition prints which gives a unique value to all my work. My favorite mediums include monotypes, wood/linoleum cuts, etchings and mezzotints. My creativity flourishes in the studio; my work continues to evolve because of my constantly renewed inspiration.”

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