An exploration of the creative process through art, poetry, and community.

I have to pull in my ambitions; my vision,

chased across canvas

with color and line, that

firmness I wish

for my weak body,




that girl at my fire, the one

with bare legs

who touches me.

What do I do with all these ambitions?

Blow them out like a gale, all around?

Breath in, let them fill me,

Exhale and release them,

Crows and doves all mixed together?

Maybe then I can finish the things I’ve started.

I can go around with a net

And recapture the ambitions

That I know are worth feeding.

Those left will fly far away,

Or twitch and die,

And rot on the ground,

Their smell dogging me until the grass finally swallows them.

Artworks copyright of individual artists. ;)
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