An exploration of the creative process through art, poetry, and community.

A Day at the Farm

Morning Circle 

Each morning begins with a gathering circle in the barn or house at 9am. Yoga might may be offered at 8, for those that get up early. The coffee will be ready!

A zen bronze bowl is coaxed in the vibrations of sound, announcing the beginning of “quiet” time. Then the Visiting Poet introduces a theme and reads a poem or two before journal writing begins. In response, each writes thoughts, a poem, or maybe a story as they reflect on the theme, poem, or their own thoughts. After the allotted time for writing in silence, each person is invited to read what they wrote, without discussion. These writings are often as varied in mood, intellect, and humor as one could imagine, with amazing Insight from each.

Morning Meal

At the end of the writing circle, the Visiting Artist and director discuss the schedule of the day, including chores (such trash pickup or lunch and dinner cleanup) and upcoming art projects. After, everyone has the morning meal before doing light chores and then heading up to a midday session with the visiting artist.

Midday Art Lessons

During the midday session, the Visiting Artist often demonstrates a technique or materials that students will work with. Students of many levels and experience create art in an accepting atmosphere, exploring and discovering new techniques, attitudes, and results in their artwork, while getting individual feedback from the Visiting Artist. 

Afternoon excursions into the countryside, or study in art, writing, or music, continues on an individual basis with the Poet and Artist readily available.

Suzanne teaching in barn

Evening Meal

Evening cooking is prepared, often with students helping, and everyone joins together again for the the evening meal. 


After dinner, a presentation may be given by the Poet or Artist, or perhaps artwork may continue in the barn. At night the barn is often alive with students working on projects, or singing and talking around the campfire under a night filled with stars. During the week, we may sit by the fire and read the letters to the universe.

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