An exploration of the creative process through art, poetry, and community.

Anna Kenar, Artist

I was born and raised in Poland where I grew up in a culture with a history of struggle, a strong sense of national pride and sovereignty, pagan traditions, and Catholic faith that diverged from the communist regime. Given a sense of cultural and national identity I found myself struggling to retain the idea of self as my family moved to the United States. The awareness of being ‘the other’- not belonging or not quite corresponding to the experiences of a group, continues still.

The ideas present in my work tend to gravitate towards the cultural and historical fundamentals of my upbringing, constructing an aesthetic that references tradition and history. The central concept guiding my investigation, however, revolves around the themes relating to the human condition. I am interested in constructing environments that illustrate the ideas of conflict, alienation, power and control. I use historical and cultural references, along with abstracted body-related forms to visually investigate a realm of personal struggles, and allow the viewer for a careful and intimate examination and reflection.

Other Teachers

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